Tuesday, 12 July 2011

MM2H Visa Application - Approved

While I didn't anticipate too many problems it was fantastic to get the news today from my MM2H case officer, the ever so friendly and helpful Noor Zaliza, that my visa application has been approved!!!! In light of my impending flight to Malaysia I will collect my letter from the office when I arrive.


  1. Q.1 Can I submit all 4 required documents to an Immigration office say Malacca first. I'm being Kiasu as what if I travel all the way to KL and then have to panic asking for directions to fullfill (if need to amend documents etc?)
    I've friends in Malacca to guide me as thats where I intend to retire.

  2. Q. Please help to suggest a Insurance agent or Ins company that is familiar with this MM2H requirement? I've emailed to Prudential CCentre & was given a 'blank' when I called some. I'm covered by Singapore INCOMESHIELD but the Mgr refused to provide a ltr that states "cover Overseas" although policy states 'Overseas cover' for emergency only. I'll spend the money for a cover in Malaysia if within say RM ? for a basic?

  3. Q. Medical Report to be certified - Does the Doctor need to draw my blood in order to 'Certify'? Will be based on my Full medical report which I've done in 2011 Dec and face-to-face 'interview'? I read that you only took 20 mins? I was informed by this nurse in JB that I've to return days later to collect my blood test results? Will those who collected their Visa please clarify?

  4. Hi

    With Q1, which 4 documents are you referring to?

    If you check my posts about insurance you will see I used Kurnia, contact details are in the post.

  5. With the medical you need to stress it's for MM2H on the MM2H form RBII. There is no need for blood or urine tests. It's a 10 minute job really, sounds like they are confusing it with a working visa. It's literally a few questions and sign the form, most clinics will do it.


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