Sunday, 26 June 2011

Restaurant: Thai Bai Yok - Georgetown, Penang

In addition to Chinese and Indian food I also have a love of Thai food and whilst there is no shortage of the first two in Penang, Thai food is somewhat less common. This is no big deal for me as there is enough food variety in Penang to keep a foodie happy for a lifetime IMO and of course, if you fancy a period of Thai food immersion, Thailand itself is only a short journey away by plane, train or whatever.

I was however taken to one Thai restaurant by a friend of mine while in Penang, a place which I would surely have missed had it not been for the local knowledge of my friend. The restaurant is called Thai Bai Yok and is located at the Heritage Club in Scotland Road, not far from its junction with Utama Road, on the western edge of Georgetown. The Heritage Club houses a gym (which is run by Absolute Fitness) and the restaurant is within the club house but is open to the public.

The restaurant is nicely laid out and airy and the decor is pleasing. When the weather is right there is the option to sit outside. There is also ample parking at the restaurant in the off-road Club car park. There is a good menu and I decided to opt for the green chicken curry with steamed rice, a dish which, if accompanied by say one other, or one and a vegetable dish, would be ample for two. Unfortunately I visited here on the last day of my April/May 2011 trip to Penang so things were a little rushed. As such I have no good pictures I'm afraid and am unable to to provide much of a run down of the menu. There is however a lot of information on their website, including good coverage of the menu and the prices are very reasonable.

I liked the Thai Bai Yok and plan to return there once I get back to Penang with a view to visiting in the evening for a more leisurely meal where I should be able to take some decent pictures and sample a wider range of dishes. In the meantime, if you fancy a Thai meal in some nice surroundings, I would suggest giving the Thai Bai Yok a try. They also have a Facebook Page here.

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