Friday, 10 June 2011

Goodall Hawkers - Jalan Gottlieb, Pulau Tikus

I was taken to this hawker centre by a very good friend of mine one evening and have to say I was very impressed. It is opposite the Penang Chinese Girls High School in Jalan Gottlieb which links Jalan Bagan Jermal and Jalan Kebun Bunga.

First thing we did when we entered is picked a few 'apom manis', the slightly sweet and crispy indian crispy crepe bread made with coconut milk at around RM 2. These make a delicious appetiser as you ponder what's on offer in the very large hawker centre. I was out relaxing that evening so apologies if the details are a little vague but I do plan to return to this centre and do a more complete write up and identify some of the specific hawker stalls we used.

We had a very good char kway teow (which was a very sizeable portion) (RM 4) and an excellent chicken satay (RM 6) served with very spicy satay sauce with a good dose of chilli for good measure. I figure there were about 10 skewers in all so very good value. We also took an excellent BBQ teriyaki sea-bass dish (RM 8) from a Japanese stall which was really excellent and was accompanied by BBQ tofu (bean curd) which I'd never eaten cooked this way before. The whole meal was around RM 20, all very reasonable and standard hawker prices with large bottles of Tiger to accompany the meal at around RM 12 each.

I can thoroughly recommend this hawker centre, it has a very good reputation (with several people I know spurning many other hawker venues in favour of this and maybe one or two others) is very popular with locals and there is an excellent variety of stalls. Being off the beaten track somewhat its prices are lower than places such as Gurney Drive. It is very easy to get to and to park and if you were staying in the Gurney area you could quite easily walk here. Excellent centre which I shall use on a regular basis when I return to Penang which, it seems, will now be MUCH earlier than I first thought and likely a matter of weeks!!

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