Friday, 3 June 2011

Breathes a sigh of relief!!!

Upon return to the UK I found my LGC here waiting for me and duly sent it off (both parts) to the MM2H Centre by 'Airsure'. This is a Royal Mail air-mail 'tracked and signed for' delivery service that only operates to certain designated countries (those able to offer tracking and signed for receipt and for you to be able to follow progress online). I sent the documents off on 24/5/11 and sat back with a slight sense of dread mainly because I had had to send the original, this certificate takes up to 40 days to get (so getting a replacement would not be easy) and it was the one thing that could cause me some problems if it went adrift, didn't get delivered or failed to get married up with my file.

On 28/5/11 I checked online to find it was marked 'out for delivery (Malaysia postal service)' and on 30/5/11 it was marked delivered :). Bearing in mind the importance of the document however, I contacted my case officer (Noor) at the MM2H office today (would have done it before but the internet and thus Skype etc. had been down for three days) to be told that she had received the certificate and placed it in the file. On the basis that the delivery of this document completed the file it would be fair to say that my application date was 30/5/11 as you can't really count the 10 days before during which the LGC was missing, making the file incomplete. So now I can relax, sit back and wait O0

So, quite impressed with the Airsure service and I have to say that the girls in the MM2H are fabulous to deal with. My case officer is very, very friendly, charming, very helpful and even today it was nice that we spent more time chatting about all manner of things completely unrelated to the application etc. Look forward to seeing her when next in KL (soon I hope - REAL soon ;))

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