Monday, 6 June 2011

Digi SIM - Super Long Life

I have just updated the original Tourist/PAYG SIM post (24 March) about this as it's something I missed when I went to Malaysia recently. With a Digi pre-pay SIM you can opt to pay a one of fee of RM 30 for 'Super Long Life' and this then validates the credit on your line for 12 months from the day you opt in to SLL. You can opt in either at the time you buy your SIM or at any time thereafter (provided you have the RM 30 credit on your phone) by entering: *123*3*3# on your key pad, pressing call and following instructions. I have just done this from the UK so I don't need to worry about credit or the line expiring before I get back. A useful facility I think.

I believe that if your credit expires your line will only be kept active for 3 months from the date of expiry at which time it gets disconnected and you will need to get a new line.

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