Saturday, 11 June 2011

Golden Screen Cinemas (iPhone Application)

For the movie buffs out there, and particularly those who frequent the Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) multiplex venues throughout Malaysia, there is now a very good Apple Golden Screen Cinemas application available for users of Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - the latter will require wifi connection) which will allow you to browse cinemas, select days, view movie showing times and even book tickets online (using either PayPal or a Maybank M2U card). The ap also allows you to bring up the full postal address of each of the cinemas allowing you to easily find the location of the cinema on Google Maps if visiting an area with which you are unfamiliar. With venues at both Queensbay Mall and Gurney Plaza (and of course many others) GSC are quite well placed for me in Penang for those films that you simply must see at the cinema. All I need now is for MGM to pull their finger out and start producing Bond films again!!!!

I will doubtless open a local bank account in Malaysia, in addition to my HSBC account, and the ability to pay online for cinema tickets etc. may be one reason to put Maybank at the front of the queue of options.

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