Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cant' find a battery?

One of the things I have at times found frustrating when shopping, at least in Penang, is the (thankfully rare) occasion that I need what might be deemed to be non-standard battery.  Go into any of the large supermarkets here and you can get any battery you like - provided it's 'AA' or 'AAA'.  The battery section is awash with them, different makes, different pack sizes, even re-chargeable versions, but everything is 'AA' or 'AAA'.

Many supermarkets the world over are the same, but often they will also stock some of the slightly less obscure batteries as well and if not, a stroll to a general electrical retailer will often yield results.  Here in  Penang I often use Thye Huat (see article here) if I'm in the Komtar area (which often I'm not) or maybe an electrical outlet such as the one in Prima Tanjung, Tanjung Tokong (which incidentally I find excellent for all sorts of electrical goods ranging from full size white goods (appliances) down to small electrical connectors and obscure bulbs).  You may also find that your battery is stocked by one of the camera shops if it is of the type used in the photography field but these stores sometimes sell them at premium prices.  But even with these different store options, at times sourcing some batteries can be elusive.

On a couple of occasions I have faced difficulty finding batteries (such as the excellent rechargeable Sanyo Eneloops) I have used either 'Superbuy' (see article here) or another store I have found recently, 'Battery Online'.

Battery Online stocks a very wide range of even the most obscure batteries at very reasonable prices.  Their online ordering system is efficient with a range of payment options including the popular 'CIMB Clicks' and 'Maybank2U' direct payment services which I generally prefer more than filling in credit card details online.  The costs for postage are very reasonable also with parcels delivered by courier within a few days provided goods are in stock.  I also found the communications from them very good.

Battery Online is another useful addition to my useful resource bookmarks and definitely worth a try if you are having trouble finding the right battery for whatever.

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