Sunday, 3 March 2013

Restaurant: Sebai Sebai - Lintang Batu, Green Lane (Top Pick)

One of my absolute favourite cuisines in the World alongside Chinese and Indian is Thai.  While Penang is well blessed with many excellent Chinese and Indian restaurants, Thai restaurants are thinner on the ground albeit numbers are growing.  I am thus indebted to my long-standing chums Xixi and William for taking me to the Sebai Sebai Thai restaurant which is now my favourite regular Thai restaurant here, along with the 'Thai Original' stall in the Prima Tanjung 'Old City' food court at Tg Tokong (review to follow).

Now I must apologise in advance for the quality of the pictures in this article. It's because whenever I go to Sebai Sebai I have the best intentions to grab some decent pics for an article but I always get carried away with the company and the food to such an extent that pics really are an afterthought.  I will try to get some better shots on repeat visits :-)

Traditional Thai starter - miang kam

Sebai Sebai is situated in Lintang Batu in the Green Lane part of Georgetown and is essentially not far from the Petronas station in Green Lane (you turn left just past the Petronas as you head out of Georgetown towards Penang Bridge).  Their Facebook Page can be found here.

Sea-food tom yam

Sebai Sebai has a very extensive menu and and some of the dishes I have particularly enjoyed there are the tom yam seafood,  prawn noodle salad, pandan chicken, mince beef (or chicken) with basil, green curry and the shrimp cakes.  All delicious and very reasonably priced.

L-R: Beef with basil, noodle salad and clay pot noodle prawns

The service is very good but expect a bit of a wait as everything is prepared fresh from scratch.  There are ample tables both inside (air con) and out but the restaurant is rightly very popular and it can be advisable to book, especially at weekends and holidays.  They serve a wide variety of soft drinks and beers and the bill for 4 with several beers, soft drinks and way more than enough food would be around RM 200.

Sebai Sebai really is a great restaurant and it easily earns a  'Top Pick' from me.  Well worth a visit!!


  1. There are not many good Thai restaurants in Penang, but this looks good. I will have to get it a try.

    1. Agreed. This really is good, great food, great prices.

      I've been told about two others I also need to try. 'Nine-Thai' and 'AnnaThai', reviews to follow.


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