Sunday, 3 March 2013

Chocolate indulgence: Ritz Cake & Pastries - Prima Tanjung, Tg Tokong

Now I have to say I'm not normally a cake / desert person BUT when I feel the urge to indulge I tend to go WAY over the top and dive straight for the creamiest and most chocolatey option I can find.  When the guilt strikes subsequently (not something I suffer from that much) I generally rack up my running to balance things out.

There are lots of cake shops in Penang but I am very partial to cheesecake and for me, the best place I have found to date (which is also not far from home), is a bakery call Ritz.  The shop is located in the first section of shops on the left in the Prima Tanjung complex as you turn into Jalan Fettes from near Island Plaza in Tg Tokong.

Ritz really is a lovely shop and has a bewildering array of cakes, gateaux and cheesecakes, all baked / made freshly on their premises.  Prices are very reasonable too with a portion of cake costing around RM 6.80 and a whole 500g cheesecake RM 35.  Ritz also makes a large number of speciality pastries and makes cakes up to 1 kg and even over if you need.  They also have a delivery service.

A 500g 'Chocolate Brownie' cheesecake

In addition to the branch in Tg Tokong they also have a shop which opened in 2012 which is on Jalan Burmah opposite the junction with Jalan Nagore in Georgetown. It can be easily spotted from Penang Plaza.

The cakes at Ritz I find are really superb and they are far too numerous to list, even just the favourites.  That said, at the moment, for the times I do fancy indulging, the Brownie cheesecake is pretty hard to beat.  The Blueberry cheesecake is also lush :-)  The cakes come well boxed and they even throw in a free good quality plastic cake-slice in case you don't have one at home.  A great place to pick up a special treat for yourself, family or friends.


  1. I find that you cannot get a good moist rich chocolate layer cake in Penang, but you can get pretty close at Ritz. I have been going there for years to satisfy my sweet tooth and buy all of my birthday cakes.

  2. I'd agree with that. I've had so many so-called chocolate cakes when I'm out that taste like they've been made with sawdust and cheap cocoa powder that I pretty much don't bother now. I'm often tempted to break out the cheffing skills and bake a few myself as they always went down well. Trouble is, I never crave them enough, or eat them enough, to motivate me to do it.

    Ritz really is great though, and that brownie cheesecake is spot on.


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