Thursday, 27 October 2011

Now where can I find...............?

Well, if its an Aston Martin DB5 with the original 007 spinning number plate, no idea. If however it's some obscure household, general purpose or electrical item that you might be looking for, be it for the home or whatever, I may have just the place.

For ages I have been searching for an LR44 battery in Penang to power a small travel clock that I have become quite attached to. Not that hard you might think. Think again. Scour the supermarkets and even some of the specialist electrical stores in the plazas and you will quickly find that finding any battery other than the ubiquitous 'AA' or 'AAA' is about as likely as hearing the words "Please form an orderly queue" when the 101 bus arrives at Komtar bus station.

Recently my good friend Ken from No Eyed Dear told me about a store that's actually not far from Komtar called Thye Huat. Thye Huat is one of those gold-mine general purpose hardware stores that are a joy to find and it really does does stock all manner of goodies, including, yes, LR44 batteries!!!!

Finding the shop is quite easy, it is in Jalan Pintail Tali which runs from behind Prangin Mall (the mall next to Komtar) and which eventually joins Chulia Street, quite close to its junction with Penang road. It's a large store which you can't miss and it's on the left about 100 yards from Prangin Mall as you walk down Jalan Pintail Tali towards Chulia Street. Well worth bearing in mind for those "Now where can find.......?" moments.

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