Wednesday, 16 May 2012

VoipDiscount: Skype Alternative (Top Pick)

I've tried a few of these services since being in Malaysia and often came back to Skype as the easiest and most reliable.  Of late however I've switched over almost entirely to VoipDiscount for calling and SMS, especially when contacting Thailand.

Like Skype, VoipDiscount (I was going to use an acronym but it didn't work out to well haha) uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to allow calls to be made.  Again like Skype you can make free internet calls to any VoipDiscount user online.  The beauty of VoipDiscount is that you can call a number of countries (landline and mobile) free of charge and calls to other countries are also very cheap.  What's more, and this is unlike Skype, the call / line quality is mostly excellent.  SMS can also be sent at very low charges, similar costs to another service I have used a lot, Fishtext.

To use VoipDiscount you need to register for their service online and buy credit.  A top up of €10 lasts 120 days and during that time you can make as many free calls as you like.  Any charged calls or SMS are deducted from your balance.

Once you have registered you can download the VoipDiscount computer user interface software (for both PC and Mac) and the thing I really like is that they also have an excellent mobile phone application called MobileVoip.  For iPhone users the app can be found here.  Other than Skype many of the smartphone interfaces for VoIP services I find very poor and clunky but this one is even better than Skype IMHO.

It's not often I have to call or SMS other than in Malaysia but when I do, for now at least, VoipDiscount and MobileVoip is the service and application I use.  The costs coupled with the line quality and excellent smartphone application makes it a clear winner for me and a deserved 'Top Pick'.

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