Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A hearty loaf!!!!

I am grateful for a recent article published by The Expat Group in one of their magazines, Penang International.  The article covers four different bread shops in Penang.

I have managed quite well to find my way around Penang, got to know a LOT of people (99% locals) and generally manage to keep my finger on the pulse with regard to what's going on.  I also try to keep the blog varied with snippets about all facets of life here, not just bars and restaurants.  I have not however thus far done much research into bread and I do enjoy a good loaf.

Mostly I get my bread from Cold Storage where the Gurney Plaza store in particular has a good range and also has an in-store bakery for a lot of fresh baked breads and sweet pastries.  The wholemeal 'Mission' sandwich wraps they sell are particularly good and I quite like the wholemeal sliced bread which seems much less sweet than many breads here.

I have to say though that I am very pleased to how now discovered the Penang Adventist Hospital Bakery (PAHB) and in particular their '3 Seed Sprouted Wholemeal Bread'.  The bread is sold pre-sliced (and thankfully they are thick slices) and wrapped at a price, currently, of RM 5.30 per loaf and I have to say it is very, very tasty and very hearty / filling.  Being a 'sprouted' seed loaf the bread is easier to digest and is more kind to your system.  The bakery also stocks a range of other breads that I have yet to try, including regular wholemeal at around RM 3.50.  They also bake a range of cakes and sweet breads and their egg tarts are very good at RM 5 for 4.

If you like good quality bread the PAHB is well worth a visit and the hospital is easy to find on Burma Road, not far from the junction with Jalan Bagan Jermal, the hospital is on the right as you head towards Georgetown.  They have quite a lot of onsite parking and it seems that a short stay is not charged for as I was just waved through the barrier when I left after buying my bread.  As you stand and face the hospital the bakery is not inside the main entrance, there is a smaller entrance door about 75 metres down to the left and the bakery is directly inside.  Well worth a visit and I will post up about the other bakeries the article mentioned when I get chance to try them.

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  1. Yes, this bread is not only very tasty but it is healthy too. I love it toasted. The bakery is definitley worth a visit.

  2. Yes, I like it toasted too. Prefer grill toasting than electric toasters though. They have a knack of scorching the outside and leaving the middle of the bread too soft. Grills provide a better result I think.

    I also plan to try Rainforest bakery in Chulia Street, Four Seasons at Straits Quay and one of the Roti Bakar Ismalia chain. I only know Jalan Transfer.


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