Sunday, 13 May 2012

Service Resumed / Events in Penang and KL

At last, after an overly long break from blogging due to numerous personal commitments, it's time to resume the blog.  There are many reviews I need to publish, together with the long overdue photographic round-up of the areas commonly considered by expats when looking to live in Penang.  So, much more to come and for those that have stayed 'tuned', thanks for your patience.

To start off, I have recently re-discovered the excellent 'Your Penang' site and their 'Diary of Events'.  It's a useful, if not exhaustive, list of some of the events up and coming in Penang and gets updated often.  Worth book-marking for reference.  I've added it to the 'Useful Links'.

In addition, there is a Penang based online magazine (which the owner tells me will hopefully be going to hard copy also from June/July) called 'What's on Penang' which provides a more focussed view of some aspects of life in Penang including a round-up of entertainment, dining, nightlife and things to do etc.  The magazine also has a Facebook page.

For those interested in events and such like in KL I find the 'Wazzup KL' site quite useful.


  1. I'm very interested to hear your view on the Penang State Government's new minimum price for foreigners buying property. At 1 million RM and 2 Million for landed properties it sure is a hefty increase and may put Penang beyond a lot of potential retirees? Do you think it will happen?

  2. It's a tough one this and will affect me personally. You have the proposed limits listed correctly. There are two key issues:

    1) Will the proposed change happen at all?

    2) Will holders of MM2H (or indeed any other visa types) be exempt?

    Basically it's anyone's guess at the moment. There is no concrete information. I am told that IF this is implemented it will happen in June or July. But there is no really reliable information at the moment on how likely that is. If it IS implemented I am told by sources that SEEM to be more knowledgeable than some that MM2H holders will be exempt and that a limit of 500K will be imposed for them (in Penang currently it's 250K though finding anywhere at that price would be a challenge unless off-island).

    As soon as I get any reliable information I will post it up but have refrained from doing so up until know because of the uncertainty.


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