Sunday, 30 October 2011

More Property Ponderings

Readers may be aware that I had pretty much decided to opt for an off-plan purchase at Batu Uban and I'm largely happy to stick with. There is however one problem, it hasn't launched yet and I have no Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA). Problem with this of course is that the longer the launch takes, the longer the build will take and the more money I throw down the drain in rental. As such, I still keep my options open.

When I first came out to Penang I was ADAMANT I had to be near Gurney, Georgetown and Straits Quay but, although I do visit them still, it's FAR less than I anticipated, largely because I have rapidly developed a social circle which just does it's own thing, wherever. When I couple that then with the lack of developer (versus speculator sub-sale) units in any condos that I actually like and the lack of units 'off-plan' that appeal (for me Surin, Lattitude, Pearl Regency all have issues) I do start to ponder is a Penang island residence REALLY essential??? Condo wise I'm still considering the island of course and in particular out by E-Gate and Queensbay and plan to look at a few more projects there. I did have an option of a condo at The View when I was here in April and am kicking myself slightly that I didn't take it. But, I figure these things happen for a reason.

Of late however I have also started to consider Juru, Auto-City and Butterworth. All have existing and/or planned developments by the developers that appeal to me (Mahsing, Boon Siew and possibly IJM) AND there is the added bonus that land is cheaper and available there so we are talking about landed and in some cases detached.

Of course landed property has factors you need to consider such as pests and vermin, security, upkeep, maintenance etc. with those issues being somewhat less prevelant with condos (albeit you pay for it) but condos also have potential problems such as neighbour noise, road and area noise and how good the management company is. These are just random picks but those are some of the key things I consider. Condos do have the benefit of a 'lock it and leave it' approach but landed does have the benefit of SPACE!!!!!

I'v only just started on the research of Juru as an option and the one thing that does concern me is WILL the trip across the bridges into Penang island become a proverbial pain in the ass?? That said, I suppose it'd be quicker (or at least as quick) as getting to Batu Ferringhi where I also once considered. There is also the issue of whether there is QUITE enough out at Juru on a day to day basis, eateries and of course the lack of some facilities I do use (such as a gym, cinemas and the big malls). Decisions, decisions :-\

I plan to go out to Juru soon for a look around and to visit a view projects. There is a project called Palm Gardens that did appeal but a quick call to a friend of friend revealed that it's basically two strips of houses, ungated and in a kampung (lesser developed village) and may not be as desirable as the marketing blurb suggests. Juru Heights was however recommended, as was Cendana. There's also a property fair at Gurney next weekend over four days (Fri-Mon) so I'll likely hit that too to see if there are any projects that appeal. I'll post up here any projects that I come across and and up/downsides and whether my decisions change.

Luckily Juru is still classed as Penang so the blog title won't have to change. So the only POJ I'll have to contend with is the one I'll get if I don't keep on top of the char kway teow with frequent gym visits :D


  1. Interesting, I would have thought near Gurnsey would have been key. I would think the trip over the bridges and through Penang would get to be a big pain.

  2. I think the issue really depends on the 2nd para and how much you feel you NEED to get to Gurney, Straits Quay and GT. For me it's nowhere near the amount I thought.

    Am still looking but have also widened up to the options at Juru, Butterworth and around, and of course, landed.

  3. first of all i think juru height is not recommended. its too deep inside from auto city even if you are considering a gated community. somewhere near by cendana will be better. and if you plan to travel to Island often and not at peak hour then it shld be fine. if you plan to drive around 7 am to island on weekdays. its going to take u roughly 1 hour from juru to Pulau Tikus.
    i travel often to Island ( twice a week) for work but i come out early. on weekend wise you will need around 45 minutes to reach pulau tikus or gurney but all depend on the traffic.

  4. Thanks very much for your comments. I think you are right having looked more. Cendana would certainly seem one of the best options.

    I'm now actually start to think of Georgetown central so a complete u turn again. Figure I might miss what Penang has to offer too much if I move out.

  5. i think if you got the budget, better stay in the island. regardless where u stay in the island, its still just in the small island, travel time will not be so long and Island got more to offer such as the heritage, shopping mall and view. if got chance in future i do plan to move in back to island. but for now mainland is where i am going to stay..

  6. Yeah, I think you're right. I do like the appeal of a landed property out at Cendana or Butterworth but I think on island will suit my lifestyle more. Thanks for your comments :-)

  7. Welcome. Enjoy your stay in Penang :)


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