Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Update Delays

Sincere apologies for the lack of updates for the last 10 days or so. I have been EXTREMELY busy both meeting people, going to some new places and, last but by NO means least, attending the Mean Machines event at Auto City, Juru where I met up with some good friends and made a great many more. Updates will start to come up over the next week or so and normal service will then be resumed. I hope!!!!!

Mean Machines was a really brilliant event and it was a real pleasure to see my good chum Leng Yein who was the Special Host and the event organiser Andrew Chan who, as CEO of Intrensionale, has really done a fantastic job with Mean Machines. I was also delighted to meet two lovely models there, Cecilia Black and Jenny Lim, both very professional, very attractive and very nice people. Post and pics to follow, quick sample below:

My dear friend Leng Yein who very kindly posed for a session of shots for me that were outside of the schedule.

Two of the new friends I met at Mean Machines. Jenny Lim (left) and Cecilia Black (right). Penang based models who will definitely be worth looking out for.

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