Monday, 3 October 2011

Restaurant: 113 - Jalan Fettes, Tg Tokong

This restaurant was recommended to me by my good friend and fellow blogger 'Watertown Wanderer' and I ate there last night. To give it it's full name it's actually '113 Fried Porridge and Cattering' (read catering) and it's a no-frills cafe style restaurant about half way up Jalan Fettes on the right (facing away from Tg Tokong Road).

They have quite an extensive menu which is written in Chinese and English with most dishes being priced around the RM 5-8 mark. They do a wide selection of tea based drinks at RM 1.80, various hot and cold coffees and cold shakes priced between RM 4-5. I ordered a sweet and sour pork, kung-po chicken, rice and sugar cane based iced drink, one of two speciality 'home-made' drinks on offer.

The restaurant was quite busy but despite this I didn't have long to wait for the meal. When it arrived I have to say it looked very appetising and was well presented. The sweet and sour pork was cubed and cooked in a very light batter and served in a tasty sauce with a good mix of
crunchy fresh vegetables. The chicken was shredded into long thin strips and was served in a very dark, rich and intense coating sauce which was nice and spicy. There was a good blend of fresh ginger, dried red chilli, fresh green chilli and spring onions which really did make this dish stand out. Along with the rice the meal was very filling and was probably slight too much for one but I had eaten little that day and managed to polish of the lot, washed down with the excellent cane drink which was also very tasty.

I thoroughly enjoyed the meal at '113' and plan to return there where, again on the recommendation of fellow blogger Kevin I will try their fried porridge and a dish of French beans. '113' only opens on Fri, Sat and Sun unfortunately and I understand they also do fixed price set lunches which I have yet to try. Well worth a visit IMO!!!

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