Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Restaurant: Palace of India - Tg Tokong, Penang (Top Pick)

At last!!!! I seem to be getting some free time from the billion and one things I've had to do of late but, now I'm getting on top of them, I'll have the time I need to clear the blog post back-log and post more regularly (every couple of days) from here on in. So, what better way to start than with a new 'Top Pick' and a cracking Indian restaurant in Tanjung Tokong called 'Palace of India'. I have been past Palace of India countless times since I first visited here in April, even more since I've lived here full time. It always looked nice from the outside but up until now I'd never got round to calling in - big mistake. I have now been there twice in a very short space of time and will be visiting a lot more.

The Palace of India (POI) is on the Tanjung Tokong Road on the left hand side as you travel towards Batu Ferringi from the Gurney area. It is about 100 yards before Island Plaza on the opposite side of the road. If you reach the traffic likes at Jalan Fettes you've gone too far. The restaurant has a reasonably well sized car park and a sign that can be seen from the road so you shouldn't miss it. The POI is nicely decorated in a very traditional Indian style and has ample seating and tables that can be arranged to accommodate a meal for two or indeed much larger wedding and other celebration parties. There is at times some live entertainment and when there isn't there is usually a Bollywood style movie or music playing to further set the scene. The restaurant is very popular and if going at the weekend it might be advisable to call ahead and book a table. I will get and post the telephone number next time I'm there.

The restaurant has an extensive menu including a large selection of dishes prepared in a traditional tandoor oven and an equally extensive range of other dishes, breads, soft drinks, beverages and beers. When I visited the first time I was VERY hungry (having starved myself during the day - mostly by accident!!) so decided to order maybe slight more than I needed.

Not having had a good seekh kebab for a loooonnnggg time I decided to opt for that as a starter from the tandoor. This was a good sized portion and I think would easily serve two as a starter, especially if you are planning to load up on the mains!!! The kebabs were nicely spiced, moist and nicely cooked with the taste that only a tandoor oven can impart. To follow I had a butter massala chicken, plain biryani rice and a plain naan.

The butter chicken was excellent, moist, tasty and served in a rich and spicy sauce, a far cry for some of the 'excuses' for butter chicken I have tried with some too heavily loaded with fenugreek and others tasting more like chicken in tomato soup.........eeeeew. Not here, an excellent dish which I shall bear in mind for future visits. The rice was also very tasty, nicely cooked and fluffy and a portion will easily serve 2. The naan was also very light and tasty and is one of the accompaniments I can't go without (unless I swap it for a mint paratha which is also very good here). Together with a can of Tiger the whole meal came to a little over RM 50 and, if you add a vegetable dish, what I ordered again would easily feed two.

I am very glad that I finally got round to visiting the Palace of India. Nice restaurant, good staff (the manager Adnan is a top guy) and, of course, great food and atmosphere. Well worth a visit the Palace of India gets a 'Top Pick' from me, first for some time!!!


  1. I see you are out and about again. Excellent review. This is a good choice of restaurants. We also like it.

  2. Yep, just about :-) TQVM for the comments. Great place. Thanks for confirming it was worth a try.


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