Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Expat Group (TEG)

I would imagine that it would not be long before most expats in Malaysia, working or retired, would get to hear about 'The Expat Group' (TEG) and / or come across one of their publications including the well known magazine 'The Expat'.  The purpose of this post is to highlight TEG to those who didn't know about it already and also to make the point that its publications and the information on its various websites is likely to be of interest to business, investors, Malaysian nationals and also to visitors.  It is not a group whose focus is entirely on 'the expat'.

As has been mentioned, TEG publishes a wide variety of magazines on a regular basis (11 at the last count I did), details of which can be found here.  The magazines cover a wide range of topics and have a wide scope of target audiences with publications covering MM2H, expat life in general, holiday destinations, education, health holidays, lifestyle and property.  Of specific interest to Penangites and visitors to the island there is also a Penang specific publication called Penang International which is published on a bi-monthly basis.

While TEG's focus is not specifically expats, one benefit that expats can avail themselves of is the free subscription to many of the magazines which can be found at the above link.

In addition to their magazines, TEG also maintains a range of informative websites covering a wide array of topics including expat life in general (ExpatGo), dining, MM2H (TEG also operates an MM2H visa agency), property, education and the general lifestyle site to the sister magazine publication (Senses of Malaysia).

Finally, in addition to the above, TEG also organises a schedule of regular and wide-ranging events including the ever popular 'Expat Mingles' (a social get together in either KL or Penang where expats can meet up with guests and expats - a great start to your social circle here in Malaysia and a great way to meet and stay in touch with friends), special dinners and wine tastings, special focus events and even an Expat Exhibitions.

So that's a brief look at The Expat Group, a valuable resource from an organisation which, along with a number of blogs and other internet sites (the best of which IMO are feature in this article and under the links section of this blog), makes a valuable and holistic contribution to the, at times somewhat sparse, pool of information about life here in Malaysia. A site well worth checking out and publications worth picking up and / or subscribing to.

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