Sunday, 10 February 2013

Recipe: Bircher Muesli

It's not really the intention to post that many recipes on the blog but a couple of people have asked me for the recipe for this having had it for breakfast when visiting.  I really love roti canai for breakfast but eat that too often and the waistline will soon start to increase! Dim sum and noodles also make for a very tasty breakfast but all of these options mostly involve going out, and generally into town, for the best.  What about the days you don't want to go?

Bircher muesli with fresh fruit
Cereal is often a common quick breakfast but it's finding one your truly like that can be difficult.  Cornflakes are very popular but I find I feel like I need a kilo of the things to fill me up!  Muesli is very popular but many shop brands are laden with sugar and if you have yearnings for the well known (in Europe) 'Alpen' brand, it can also be prohibitively expensive here in Malaysia at around RM 25 for a small box!

So, when a cereal breakfast is called for at home, and on the days when simple porridge (rolled oats with hot milk) will not suffice, I normally make up a batch of 'Bircher Muesli' (named after its creator Dr Bircher-Benner) that will last a few days.  Having tried many recipes the one I use now is below:

Ingredients (Serves 4)
* 1.5 cups of rolled oats (the quick cook type are fine)
* 250 ml of milk (I use soya milk for the health factor and added taste)
* 125 ml of apple juice
* 1 tablespoon of honey (optional)
* ⅓ cup of sultanas or raisins
* 2 tablespoons of finely chopped dried pineapple
* ½ cup plain yoghurt
* ½ fresh apple, coarsely grated

You can also experiment with adding different ingredients of choice, I often add chopped almonds and shredded coconut, especially the latter.

For serving
* Extra plain yoghurt for serving
* ½ cup fresh fruit (blueberries, strawberries and raspberries go well)

To make the muesli, simply combine all the ingredients in a large bowl and leave in the fridge overnight.  Keep the muesli you don't eat refrigerated until it's all used up.

A tasty and healthy breakfast that's quite good value too.

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