Friday, 8 February 2013

Which Credit Card?

As with most countries, Malaysia has many banks offering credit card facilities and many of those banks offer multiple cards at the entry, Gold and Platinum levels with cards often named to identify the specific incentive schemes that they are tied with.  When choosing a card provider fathoming your way around the maze can be both complex and time consuming, though your options may of course be less overwhelming if you choose to get your credit card through your main bank.

When opening an account however, some will actually wish to choose the bank on the basis of the cards they offer, others may wish to apply for a credit card from a bank regardless of whether it is issued by their primary bank, and of course you may also be searching for cards that offer specific incentives such as 'cash back', airport lounge access, points when filling up at petrol stations or whatever.

As mentioned above, the options can be overwhelming, especially when you start searching and start to turn up card providers you've never even heard of!  In that regard I have found that a site called 'Generations XYZ' provides a very comprehensive overview of the cards available that is specific to Malaysia.  The link actually takes you to the first in a series of 3 articles looking at entry, Gold and Platinum cards.  There is a wealth of other credit card information available there also.  Worth checking out and a useful 'one stop shop' if you are trying to figure what the best options are for your particular needs.

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