Thursday, 10 January 2013

Websites: Life in Malaysia

There are a number of resources that people use in relation to obtaining the MM2H visa which many find useful, particularly when they wish to spend protracted periods of time in Malaysia (provided, of course, they meet the criteria).  This blog also provides extensive information on the whole MM2H and many related processes.  Many also reside here under different visas, one being the excellent work visas promoted via Talent Corp.  Indeed, Malaysia has some excellent visa options in my view, options which encourage visitors, help grow the economy, encourage cultural interchange and invigorate enterprise and business.  They are programmes which many other countries could learn from, including some of the more arrogant western nations!  As a topic for research and discussion however, the MM2H (or indeed any other) visa has a limited shelf-life; once people have their visa and heave dealt with various administrative processes which maybe seen as related to it (e.g. driving licences and opening bank accounts) many find there is less and less of need to visit sites that deal exclusively with those topics.

With regard to living in Malaysia there are a number of blogs and sites I visit regularly which may be of interest to readers.  These are listed in the links sections on this blog.  Of particular note though I would point out the following specific blogs:

Bangsar Babe: My favourite Malaysia general food blog written by one of Malaysia's favourite food bloggers.

Babe in the City: Another top food blog, KL focussed and unrelated to the one above, despite the similar name.

ExpatGo: Website for 'The Expat Group' (TEG) of publications, often contains interesting articles, things to do, up coming events and details of promotions from the wide range of publications they produce.

Malaysian Meanders: The experiences of a family from Texas living in Malaysia and travelling the region.

Penang Momma: Another great Penang lifestyle blog with some specific focus on parenting here.

Paul Tan: In my view the top automotive blog in Malaysia.

Retired in Malaysia: An excellent blog giving an insight into the life of an expat in Malaysia from the perspective of a US citizen.  Important because many of the processes described on other sites and forums do not pertain to US citizens who are subject to regulations within the USA where the banking systems vary greatly from those commonly referred to on many forums and websites.

Sapiensbryan: A good tech related site.

Spy Malaysia: A superb review site.

What2See: My favourite Penang specific food blog.  Covers from hawkers right up to high-end restaurants.

Your Penang: A very good events diary.

There are of course others including the ones mentioned in my 'links' sections but I highlight these because they are well written, informative and, most importantly, regularly updated.


  1. Thank you for the mention. It is nice to have a blog like yours that shows there is more to life in Penang than nitpicking and sharing idle chitchat or gossip.

  2. Thanks for the mention, too. I always find Pick of Penang very informative with solid, useful advice.


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