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Gym: Jatomi Fitness - Gurney Plaza (Top Pick)

A Jatomi gym entrance
The purpose of this post is to provide a more complete update about Jatomi Fitness, the new gym which was scheduled to open in Gurney Plaza in February 2013 (and which I first wrote about here.  I recently attended the fact finding and sign-up roadshow which will run from now until the gym opens.  However, at the time of writing, special offers are available to the first 500 to sign up on their 'Founder Member' scheme, which is covered more fully below.

A typical Jatomi gym members lounge
First impressions from the roadshow are very impressive.  Before getting in to the detail about equipment, facilities, programmes and membership rates it's worth touching on the subject of Jatomi's reliability and financial standing.  This is particularly important for those looking at paying their memberships 12 months in advance as we all know what can happen with gyms pulling the plug and closing, at times with very little, if any notice.

A suspension equipment training area
Jatomi is not likely to be a cause for concern in this regard.  It is a large operation with around 40 gyms in Eastern Europe and is set to expand its operations considerably in both Malaysia and the wider SE Asia area, already having two other gyms here, in KL and Petaling Jaya.  From what I can gather the financial backing for the company is also sound.  On that basis I'm quite confident that 12 month memberships are not a risky proposition with Jatomi.

Jatomi's state of the art running machines

The new gym in Gurney Plaza is now scheduled to open in February 2013 and the membership rates are quite reasonable at around RM 150 per month.  However, the first 500 members to sign can avail themselves of a special deal in that the normal RM 100 admin fee is waived and, for those happy to pay by credit card for 12 months membership in advance, you will benefit from a 25% (ongoing) discount on membership rates bringing the monthly membership cost down to an even more reasonable RM 100 per month.  At the time of writing these Founder Member deals were still available.

The equipment and facilities for the gym really do look superb.  State of the art modern equipment will be used, an example being the running machines that automatically adjust to your running speed without the need for frantic button pressing to adjust tempo up or down.  There will be a wide variety of cardio machines which will satisfy all your needs in that regard with regular group, instructor led, exercises in a specially equipped and separate exercise area.

Sprint track and free-weights.
Weight training machines and free-weights will also be start of the art, again in well laid out training areas and there will also be a section of the gym set aside for body weight training using suspension training equipment developed by the US Navy SEALs.  The gym will also benefit from a sprint track.

Member facilities are also impressive with a lounge area that will also incorporate locking mobile phone charging stations and well fitted changing rooms and shower areas. What is pleasing to see is that the gym will utilise a wristband access strip which is used for gym entry, lockers, docking station lock/unlock and anything else which might require a 'key' to grant access.  So, no more pesky card to carry around and continually pull out of your pocket, wallet or purse.  I was also happy to be told that is Jatomi's policy that all trainers are appropriately qualified or, if they are employed on the basis of their (significant) experience but lack formal qualification, they must acquire the qualifications required through a recognised training body with months of employment.

An 'RPM' training area.

Jatomi will also offer a number of special fitness programmes including 'Move Fit', a free structured group cardio based exercise programme with groups of up to 10 students with regular 30 minute (but intense) instructor led routines and 'Eat Fit' a paid-for programme focussing on incorporating advanced dietary awareness into your training, backed up with extensive online resources.

Well fitted and equipped changing rooms.

There will also be a wide range of other fitness programmes including the Less Mills 'Body Pump', 'Sh'bam', 'RPM', 'Body Combat' and 'Body Balance' regimes together with various 'Freelance' options such as yoga, pilates, zumba and belly dancing.

I was very impressed with Jatomi, their staff and their plans for the gym which I now eagerly await the opening of.  On the basis of what I have seen and heard so far the gym has been awarded a 'Top Pick' from me and, if you are looking for a gym now or in the future, Jatomi would be very well worth checking out.  You can also check the Jatomi Facebook Page for updates.

NB: Images are from another Jatomi site and are for the purposes of illustration only.

NB: On 22 January 2013 Jatomi issued a communiqué following much rumour and speculation about the opening of the gym.  It states that, in light of a company re-structuring, there have been some delays and the gym is now scheduled to open in June 2013!  There are those who will feel this has not been well handled and whilst I agree to a point, it seems Jatomi are now trying to put things right.  I contacted Jatomi to try and confirm that the size, layout, equipment and facilities would be the same or better than that which formed the basis of the contract that members signed up to. I also raised the issue of compensation for founder members.

To his credit, James Balfour (one of the original founders of Jatomi) and who has now taken over with personal responsibility for this region sent a very prompt and courteous reply in which he makes the following points:  The club is being re-designed, all of the facilities that were advertised will remain, there will also be some new and more innovative work out solutions. Currently the sale of memberships is on hold until the contractors begin building the club in March and the club will open in June. All founding members will have an additional 6 months membership added to their term as compensation. If members would like a refund,  James will personally sign the cheques.  He also apologised for the recent developments and uncertainty and asked all founder members to be patient, accepting that this was not easy to do.

Hopefully this will now be the end of a period of uncertainty and indeed anxiety for some who were clearly worried about the money they have paid over to Jatomi.  Time will will tell.  It's now up to Jatomi to deliver on the promises.

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