Sunday, 11 November 2012

Boon Siew Honda introduces the PCX 150cc

It's great to hear that Boon Siew Honda are releasing the superb 150 cc Honda PCX to their model line up in Malaysia.  This is a VERY popular bike in many parts of the world and can be seen in abundance on the roads in Thailand where it is a very popular rental bike.

The PCX boasts numerous hi-tec features including a 'programmed fuel injection' efficient engine and Honda's 'idling stop' function which allows the engine to cut off when at a stand-still, thereby conserving fuel, bursting back into life as soon as the throttle is opened. It also boasts the 'combined braking system' (where one leaver pull will apply the correct amount of front and back brake to help prevent rider-error lock ups), 14" aluminium wheels with tubeless tyres and a side-stand engine-cut switch which will prevent the bike from starting if the stand is down.  The fuel tank is 5.9 litres and the PCX also has a 25 litre luggage compartment which can accommodate a full face helmet or two open face.  From experience they are very comfortable to ride and the upgrade to the 150cc engine from the previous 125cc is a great benefit.  The only things I might consider adding to the bike would be a new, taller, screen, such as an Ermax or Givi (example here) and a Givi 340 top box.

An important factor for buyers of course is the fact that it IS Honda with the reputation for reliability.  The bike will be available in black metallic, grey metallic and a special edition red and white and is priced from RM 10,688 OTR with insurance and 2 years warranty.  The Honda PCX product detail page is here and there is quite a comprehensive review of the bike here.  Further press coverage of the bike can be found here and here along with a product video in Bahasa Malay here.  Finally, there is also a quite useful user comparison between the 125cc PCX and the only bike (other than the SYM VTS) that I was considering, the 135cc Yamaha Nouvo Elegance (now called the LC) here.

The Honda PCX 150, a very welcome addition to the Malaysian bike scene. 

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