Friday, 19 October 2012

Photo and Videography Services (Malaysia & Singapore)

From time to time you come individuals and companies that create quite an impression and this happened twice recently at the superb Mean Machines event in Auto-City, Juru.

I'm in quite a luxurious position these days of only having to shoot what appeals to me personally and most of the times that tends to be fashion, glamour, events, nightlife, motor sport and wining and dining. Even then I pretty much restrict it to shooting that which might go some ways to promoting Penang, the life and lifestyle here and the relevant industry sector.  Most of my readers will also know that I do not allow paid (or indeed any) advertising on this site and neither do I promote any services or outlets for payment, or even payment in kind.  At times though, it's clear that people you meet may well provide services that might be of interest or use to others and where I personally think the service they offer will be professional I'm happy to recommend them.

Often I'm asked to either do a videography shoot or recommend a suitable team to do so.  Videography is not my thing at all really so I'm quite happy to now be in a position to highlight MRA Studio.  This is a production company based in KL who specialise in videography, post production, 3 modelling and graphic design.  I met the guys while busy shooting my chum Leng Yein and was impressed with there professionalism, photographic style and attitude.  They are also a nice bunch of guys.  There Facebook Page detailing their services and contact points can be found here and there is also their related 'CaptureFun TV' site that is updated with special interest uploads.  Based in KL they can obviously provide services all over Malaysia.

Next up is a great bunch of guys from Singapore, Concept35mm.  A lot of my readership both on this site and the related Facebook Page is Singapore based and again I often get asked to shoot in Singapore or, again, recommend a suitable team.  I've not really come across any up until now but again, I have to say I found the guys from Concept35mm very professional and very slick in their operation, producing some great shots.  Their site and contact details are here.

It's a pleasure to meet and work with photographers like these as sadly there are quite a lot these days who are not so professional in their approach.  I'm sure these two companies would provide a great service to anyone contracting them.

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