Thursday, 4 October 2012

Nylon Pink: Debut Night (Hard Rock Hotel)

So, by way of an appetiser for the Hard Rock Hotel Pinktober event on 6th October (see here) the following is a series of shots taken at Nylon Pink's debut night in Malaysia on Wednesday 3 October, and what a night it was!!  With their own numbers and some super K-Pop covers this band really rocks, oh and they look pretty darned hot too :-)

Nylon Pink sure created a buzz when they took to the stage as those not familiar with their work did not know what to expect.  I had checked them out some time back so was looking forward to some tracks that I hoped they'd play.

Now, I must say that for me, lead guitarists don't get much hotter than Kiki.

And amongst musicians I always find bass players the coolest.  But, bass players come in the 'hot' version too, none much hotter than Katt I think!!!

And........while we're at it.  Singers, for hot, Kaila takes the prize!!  Great voice, nice personality and really knows how to turn on the sultry look when performing.  Captivating :-)

And can they play and sing!!!!!!!

Jamie.  Sexiest drummer in the world?  Most likely I think.  Really good drummer too and she delivered a superb drum solo around half way through the set.

By now, it probably won't come as MUCH of a surprise to hear that DJ Shy on keyboards is also gorgeous.

Did I mention I thought Kiki was REALLY nice :-)  She really punched out some great sounds during the performance and is great to watch.  Must admit, if I wasn't shooting another event tonight I'd have gone to see them again!

So, how were they live?  Often a killer for bands as many sound great in the studio but range from mediocre to down right abysmal when playing live.  Thankfully this is definitely NOT the case with Nylon Pink.  They really were excellent. With a great mix of their own material and some outstanding K-Pop covers they really put on a great show!!  They played for around 1 hour and the only complaint I had was when they had to finish.  One of my favourite tracks is their English cover of the 2NE1 track "I am the best" which you can check out here.  I actually prefer Nylon Pink's take on this track, more of a punchy / rock vibe.

All in all it was a really great night and for those that missed Nylon Pink last night, you still have a chance, they will be playing at the Hard Rock on the 4th, 5th and 6th of October as per the previous post.  They REALLY are worth seeing and I think we are really lucky to have the band in Malaysia given that they are in very hot demand in the USA.

More pictures of the band's debut night can be found here.  Be sure also to check out Nylon Pink's Facebook Page and their Official YouTube Channel.  Enquiries about tickets for their shows can be made to the Hard Rock Hotel.  The combination of the band and a lingerie show by models from the Amber Chia Academy on the 6th is a sure fire winner and tickets are selling fast.  Contact the hotel early to avoid disappointment.

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