Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Train Travel

The first post of 2012 and a very brief one about travel. A few readers have contacted me by e-mail and Yahoo Chat and asked if there is any information around about train travel within Malaysia and also for travel between Malaysia (and especially Penang) and Thailand / Singapore. There is no direct travel my train from Penang and the closest point you will get a train from/to is Butterworth with the journey between there and Penang having to be completed by taxi or ferry.

By far the best site for train travel information I find to be 'Seat61.com'. The actual train operator in Malaysia is KTMB and the link to their online booking is here. Of course if you want to try a truly luxurious trip between KL and Thailand (and a number of other routes) you could always opt for the Eastern and Oriental Orient Express!!.

Hopefully this will be of use to prospective travellers. I have yet to do my first trip to Bangkok which I plan to do in February or March this year. I'll put up a full review when I do. Meanwhile, I will be back to regular posting, more reviews, and the somewhat overdue area pictorial guides. Apologies again for delays but house-hunting and freight arrival have got in the way somewhat!!

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