Thursday, 12 January 2012

Straits Quay by bus

Up until recently, those wishing to travel to or from Straits Quay near Tg Tokong by public transport were limited to getting on or off buses that stopped outside Tesco and walking up. It's not too far but on the hottest days, or when its raining, it's enough of a distance to get wet one way or another.

Thankfully Rapid Penang have identified this gap and have now routed the 102 bus to pass by Straits Quay in both directions. Of course you will need to live on the 102 route to take advantage of the this but, like most other of the '1' series buses, it does follow the main artery into and out of Georgetown.

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  1. Great information for those impromptu afternoon "teas" at the Library!


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