Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Commenting on this Blog (advertising)

Apologies for the need to post this but I need to make something clear to a very, very small proportion of 'readers' who may wonder why their comments are not getting published. This blog is mainly a diary about my exploits in respect of migrating to, and living in, Penang. If it contains information which in any way helps others that's great. It's also great to receive the comments from readers and in 99% of cases they can be published without problem.

Up until now I've not had much reason to do this and it's a shame to have a need to post this article but of late a very, VERY small minority of people who have been trying to leave comments seem to under the mistaken apprehension that this blog is there to provide a platform for them to advertise their own businesses and/or services. The reason I'm posting this is to make it crystal clear that it's not going to happen. In short, any comments which are made and which contain links to businesses or services will not be published and will be deleted as spam, hence the reason for me having 'comment moderation' enabled and 'allow anonymous comments' disabled. Bit harsh maybe but hey, that's life. My blog, my rules, simples. I often promote businesses, services and establishments here because I have experienced a good standard of service and / or product from them but I don't extend that promotion to allowing others to advertise products or services here of which I have no experience.

I have made a deliberate decision not to include the various advertising links such as 'Moneytise' etc. on this blog as I'm not using this blog to make money and I don't like the effect the adverts have in disrupting content, format and the flow of articles. Understandably I hope, I thus have no intention of providing free advertising for others. So if anyone wishes to promote their business or service, great, start your own blog or do it somewhere else but I'm afraid it's not going to happen here. More than happy to receive comments, just skip the links.


  1. Great post. I totally agree with you. It's very easy to start a blog to advertise services. So why don't these people do that? Laziness.

  2. Thanks. Some of the so called 'comments' are clearly barely even related to the post they are made on and clearly are just used as a 'vehicle' to pedal the services they wish to promote. Not here folks, not here :-)

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