Thursday, 17 November 2011

Asia Model Festival Awards 2012 - Voodoo Club (Fri 18 Nov)

The semi final of the Malaysia leg of the Asia Model Festival Awards 2012, organised in Penang by the Amber Chia Academy in conjunction with Intrenasionale, will be held at the Voodoo night club, Upper Penang Road (UPR), Georgetown on Friday 18 November from around 10pm to 3am with the contestants being on stage for several sessions from about 11pm onwards up to around 2am.

It is a well run event in what is actually one of my favourite clubs in UPR. The club is well laid out with a good light and sound system and an excellent live rock band that does a number of sessions on stage, interspersed with sessions from the very good DJs.

I attended the first two qualification heats which were also very good but the semi-finas of course will ramp up the intensity and the quality. What will make this event particularly appealing for me is that a number of my friends have qualified and are through to the semi, including; Melinda Lee (Orangez), Fiona (Shapig) Tan, Jess (Shyuan) Tan, Sofia Yeng, Jane See, Ashley Choo, Iyvonne Lo and Eunice Lim. Pics of the semi-finalists can be seen here and you can also vote for the girls by clicking 'Like' below their individual photos when you open them. The contestants do a number of 'runway' walks on stage including casual wear, swim wear and evening wear.

The AMFA semi-finals promises to be an excellent event, as of course will the final on Friday 2 December, a definite date for the diary and Pick of Penang will be there to grab some pics. If you are in Penang on Friday it's definitely an event to consider.

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