Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bar / Restaurant: 69 Mansion - Batu Ferringhi

69 Mansion in Batu Ferringhi (BF) is seen as one of the classier establishments on the island and has an innovative and somewhat unique feel to it. The bar is on the right hand side of the road as you drive into BF from the direction of Gurney, the entrance being nestled between various market stalls. It is not that far from a large restaurant called The Ship. There is a fairly large car park out front for which there is a flat rate charge of RM 5 for all day if you wish.

69 is a contemporary bar and is well decorated and furnished in a modernistic style. As you enter there is a bar / lounge area with ample seating both at the bar and in the air conditioned lounge. There is also a small internal swimming pool, linked to water features outside, of which more later.

Leaving 69 to go to its rear grounds there are several seating and eating areas to choose from. There is an area of low set comfortable sofas which run alongside one of the pools and also a raised, decked and covered area filled with tables and chairs that can be easily re-arranged and which would make a good drinking / dining choice. In addition there is a seating areas which is IN the water features / low pools where you can sit and relax with the coolong water around your feet. Shorts or similar are of course obligatory and some even sit in swimwear. Beyond that there is a further seating area out on the sand where you can really get the beachfront bar experience and even indulge in a shisha.

All things considered, I really like 69 and see it as a nice relaxing place to go if you fancy a night with a more upmarket feel. Drinks are about average prices for the island with a cocktail at around RM 25-40 and a beer at about RM 13 (from memory). A place worth visiting IMO, especially if you are already up in the BF area, may be a bit far out if you are planning a longer night and intend to end up in UPR, Georgetown. Give it a try, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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