Thursday, 16 January 2014

Restaurant: D'Tandoor - Precinct 10, Tanjung Tokong (Top Pick)

D'Tandoor is well established franchise chain of restaurants serving Mogul style cuisine which emanates from the North of India.  The D'Tandoor brand is well known in SE Asia having a string of awards to its name including 'Best Malaysian Indian Restaurant', 'Most Innovative Restaurant' and 'Most Recognised Brand' to name but a few so it was with a fair degree of excitement that I learned some time back that D'Tandoor were opening a branch in Penang.

Located in the prestigious development of Precinct 10 at Tanjung Tokong, D'Tandoor is a very stylish stylish restaurant offering a Mogul fine dining experience in an easily accessible location with great parking.  One of the things that sets D'Tandoor apart from the majority of the Indian restaurants you will encounter here is the style and environment that it provides for diners which is just perfect for that special occasion, a romantic dinner for two or even just a casual long or dinner in more sophisticated surroundings.  That's not to say that the food in other restaurants is not good, merely stressing the point that at times you want something special, somewhere with a bit of class, at which point the options get much more limited.

As you enter D'Tandoor you will notice the signature logo and also the large hallucinogenic mural on the wall of the main dining room which creates a warm and welcoming appeal....
 it contrasts with the dark wood tables, dazzling white plates and sparkling glasses.

The restaurant is split into two main areas.  Downstairs is the main restaurant which is very tastefully designed and appointed........

..........and a private dining area upstairs which can comfortably sit 16 pax with ease.

From the main dining room you can also see easily into the kitchens through the large viewing window, a nice touch which adds to the ambience and of course provides a level of confidence in the hygiene and standards of the establishment.

The food at the restaurant, which after all, will make or break the place, is really outstanding in my opinion.  I have tried several dishes there and each one has been exceptional, with the distinctive flavour found with Mogul cuisine which derives from the special mixes of freshly ground spices.

They have an extensive menu which is exclusively halal and also offer a wide range of beverages including excellent lassi, a traditional Indian accompaniment.

One of my favourite dishes there is a superb chicken curry (Murg Mughlai).  Pleasingly the curry is not swimming in gee and has a real warmth and depth of flavour.

The dish goes superbly with their special pilau rice........

...........and my favourite Indian roti, hot buttery freshly baked naan.

D'Tandoor can also cater for all manner of special occasions and turns out some really outstanding dishes which because of their nature, primarily the time needed to source, prepare and cook these gastronomical delights, do not feature on the regular menu.

The food at D'tandoor, especially when you consider the style and ambience of the outlet, is very reasonably priced, the restaurant provides a 'take-away' service and also does deliveries.  They can cater for all manner of private parties including wedding receptions, buffet lunches and dinners and themed events.

The restaurant can be contacted on 04 899 2525 and you can also visit the D'Tandoor website and the Penang outlet's Facebook Page.  The restaurant is well worth a visit and gets a very well earned 'Top Pick'.

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  1. I have been there a few time, for both lunch and dinner. Very good food with excellent service.


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