Saturday, 18 January 2014

Food Court: One Stop - Jalan Burma, Pulau Tikus (Top Pick)

Well, after what seems an age of not venturing in to any places worthy of a 'Top Pick' we get three in a row and all of differing styles.  A marina restaurant, a chic restaurant featuring North Indian cuisine and now, subject of this article, a food court with an excellent stall selling one of my favourite foods - Thai!

The stall in question is quite large and actually seems to encompass 3-4 separate sections, all under the same ownership.  It doesn't appear to have a name but it's located on the mezannine floor of the 'Midland - One Stop' shopping mall in Jalan Burma.  To find it, once parked you walk up the central steps of 'One Stop' and go straight ahead.  This food stall is actually to the right of a large cluster of stalls in the centre of this level of One Stop, you can't miss it really.  Despite living here all this time I've never come across this place before so I'm indebted to my good chum Kevin from Hat Yai for pointing this place out.  The reason it came to light is that we were chatting online about my craving for ka-nom-jeen, the delicious Thai style vermicelli noodles served with a variety of, often curry style, sauces.  He advised me to try here and wow, am I glad he did!

There is a bewildering array of food on offer here and what is pleasing to see is that the place is VERY popular so there is a high turn-over, no food left stewing in the eat for days on end here.  Honestly it all looked delicious and I was tempted to just plunge in and load up a plate or three.  Next time I likely will.

But, this time we were here for the ka-nom-jeen and that's what we opted for.  I have to say, the lady and other staff at the store were quite taken aback when I spoke to them and ordered in Thai, I guess a 'falang' speaking Thai is a rarity enough, especially in Malaysia LOL.  The dish was prepared quickly and the sauce was absolutely delicious, a slightly spicy, creamy curry style sauce with more than hint of coconut, it really was superb.  There is a nice array of vegetables that you are also expected to add yourself including bean-sprouts, chopped cabbage, diced French beans and Thai Holy Basil (an absolute MUST have).  The tables also have traditional Thai condiments including flaked dried and chopped fresh chilli.  Awesome!

To accompany the noodle dish we also opted for another Thai classic, somtam, a very fiery shredded green papaya (NOT mango as some seem to think) salad served with tomato, fresh chilli (and often Blue Crab) and dressed with the very salty nam-plaa (Thai fish sauce) and lemon juice.  This was freshly prepared and again was superb.

As a desert I ordered a traditional Thai style coconut ice cream.  The portion was very generous and was served with a coconut infused green sticky rice and Thai style cake cubes (more akin to brioche) soaked in coconut milk.  That I have to say was out of this world and it took me all my will-power to stop having another!

To round it off, or rather to eat later at home, we opted for yet another Thai classic.  'Khâo nǐiao má mûuang' or mango sticky rice.  Again two very generous portions with freshly prepared mango, two varieties of sticky rice and a very creamy coconut milk sauce.  Yum!!!  With a couple of cokes the whole lot came to a VERY reasonable RM 32!!

I was most impressed with the food and the staff here and plan to return often.  The standard and sheer variety of the food was so high that it easily justifies a 'Top Pick' from me.

They are open daily from around 10am until late and lovers, or even casual fans, of Thai food I think would struggle to be disappointed with the food and welcome on offer here.

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