Thursday, 11 April 2013

Restaurant: Sky Restaurant (Char Siu) - Chulia Street, Georgetown

Sky Restaurant at Chulia Street

Quite a short post this as it's focussed on one single, but very good, kopitiam style restaurant, based in the 'Sky Hotel' in Chulia Street, Gerogetwown, at its junction with Love Lane.  It's a short post because this particular eatery is renowned for one thing, its excellent 'char siu' (often spelled 'siew'), both pork and duck.

Plates of char siu duck with pork in centre shot.
For those that are not aware 'char siu' is quite simply, roasted duck or pork which has been marinated in a mixture which often combines '5 spice' powder, soy sauce, hoisin sauce and sherry or wine, though of course each establishment will have its own unique recipe which will often be a fiercely guarded secret.  It is generally served chopped into slices with a plate of rice with an accompaniment of vegetable (maybe bok choy) along with small dishes of soy and chilli sauce.

Rightly popular, Sky Restaurant gets busy!
You can get this dish all over Penang and it is extremely popular but the reason for posting this is to highlight this particular restaurant which is quite famous here, so much so that, come after about 11am, right up until about 1-2pm and you MAY find it difficult to get a seat.

The dish makes a great lunch if you are in and around Chulia Street and, as with most restaurants of this type, a single 'main' serving will cost around RM 6.  A wide variety of soft drinks are also on offer at about RM 2.


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