Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Event: Amour Fashion Show - Penang

Penang recently hosted the 'Amour Fashion Show' with 6 shows in total spanning, two days.  The event was held at the '1st Avenue Mall' in Georgetown and was arranged by my good chums at Iconic Model Managament, in conjunction with First Avenue and the designers.  The event featured the top models from the Amber Chia Academy from both Penang and KL, both guys and gals, and was extremely well organised and run.

It was great to see (and shoot) a well thought out, designed and perfectly lit catwalk / runway.  In a move away from the traditional pre-selected soundtracks Iconic also once again used a local DJ, my good buddy DJ Chan who spins regularly at the ever popular Cuvee and Slippery Senoritas night clubs.  The models were billed as the best and they certainly were!!  One of the girls featured was my lovely friend Jane See.  Jane always does a great show and her superb figure is paired with a great personality.

Another friend, Sofia Yeng, also featured in the line up.

What was really great though was meeting and shooting five fantastic models that I have not shot before.  First up was Gwen Chin, based in KL......  Very graceful and elegant and with a classic beauty that makes her highly photogenic.

Another KL based girl, and one of my show favourites, Angelina Tong.  Her runway style and posing really are superb, her figure and stunning looks all adding up to a really superb model.

Briefly returning to Penang and we have another of my show favourites, Jinju Koid.  A stellar performance from Jinju as well, to such an extent it was really hard to decide which of her shots not to keep.  Grace, poise, elegance and outstandingly attractive, Jinju would look great in anything!

Back again to KL for the final two 'discoveries' who delivered 'wow' performances, again ending up as firm show favourites, starting with Vier Tan.  Very, very good reason why she was wearing the shortest dresses of the show!!  Vier shares the stunning looks and fantastic figures of her colleagues and once again, has a fantastic personality.

....and finally, Amanda Cheng, whose catwalk and posing was truly captivating.  Amanda's performance was outstanding and she really knows how to turn on the charm, appeal and make the absolute most of the outfits she models, well evidenced by the shrieks of joy from the crowd each time she graced the catwalk.

The event is best covered by pictures rather than words and links to the individual (designer) albums are here:

A truly great event and congratulations must go the organisers for their efforts.  The professionalism and style from the models was great to see and arrangements are already in hand to shoot more of the stunning models I had not previously encountered, girls who would not be out of place at Paris, London or Milan Fashion Weeks or indeed gracing the covers of 'Vogue' or 'Mode' magazines.

All of the models can be contacted via Iconic Model Management and / or Amber Chia Academy.

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