Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Music Shop: Spectrum Music - Georgetown, Penang

I recently had a need to find a good shop for musical instruments in Penang and, having scoured the internet (I often find adding the word 'Lowyat' to your search string is useful in this regard as it will bring up responses from this popular Malaysian internet chat forum where many will ask Penang / KL specific questions), I finally came across Spectrum Music.

My searches threw up a number of other stores but I got the impression that Spectrum was exactly what I was looking for, and how right I was.  The store is located on the 2nd floor of the 'One Stop' shopping area opposite Tanjung Medical Centre in Jalan Burma, near to its junction with Jalan Bagan Jermal. There is ample off-road parking here and to get to the shop you need to go round the the back of the (very popular) chicken/duck rice shop and take the lift to the second floor.  Turn right out of the lift and the shop is the last one along.

Map showing location of Spectrum Music

The store has been there for about 4 years but you'd be forgiven for thinking it had just opened because it really is immaculate.  It is tastefully designed, decorated and lit and has a great ambience, a great place to check out the stock or just to chat music with the owner Danial and his helpful staff.

Central to the store is an 'island' featuring examples of their stock of electric lead and bass guitars.

A closer shot of 'guitar island' with models from Fender, PRS, Ibanez, Spear and Sterling. Fender afficionados will be well aware that Fenders these days are made in America (MIA), Mexico (MIM) and Japan (MIJ) and it's great to see that Spectrum also stock MIJ Fenders, much acclaimed for their levels of quality control. Spectrum can also source most makes and model of guitar in the unlikely event of them not having something you want in stock.

As can be seen, the store is also well stocked with guitars for the acoustic enthusiast.

Spectrum can also satisfy the needs of drummers with a good range of drums and accessories.  Test rigs are also available in store.

Drums, drums and more drums!!

For the electric guitarist Spectrum stock a wide range of amplifiers including models from the ever popular Fender and Marshall brands.

And of course, no musical instrument shop would be complete with out a wide range of effects pedals, modelling processors (e.g. Line 6 Xpod), tuners and metronomes.  They also stock a comprehensive range of other accessories and spare parts including picks, strings and pick-ups.

Store owner Danial Tan has been in the business for years , is very friendly, helpful and a mine of information about all things musical.  Seen here demonstrating one of the most popular electric guitars of all time, the Fender Stratocaster Standard (MIJ) in 'sunburst' design.  For me, this guitar just oozes quality and cool :-)

That then is 'Spectrum Music', a gem of a shop in the musical instrument world for Penangites and visitors alike and great for me that it's so close to home.  They also have a Facebook Page here.  Brilliant shop, superb service, friendly owner and staff and, last but not least, great prices.  Go check them out, open every day except Sunday (Tel: +60 16 455 9780).  You can also email Spectrum here. Some more photos can also be found here.

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