Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Optician: Vision First - Ground Floor, Block B, Prangin Mall, Georgetown (Top Pick)

After what was really too long a wait I finally decided to go get my eyesight tested to see if any prescription variation was needed.  I have to say I spent a LOT of time researching this as I wanted to find a place that I felt I could trust, somewhere that would ONLY recommend a prescription change if I really needed it based on a thorough testing.  I also hoped to find somewhere where the service was good and the prices reasonable.

Luckily a managed to find Mr Patrick Ung's 'Vision First' in block B of Prangin Mall (the block that has Pizza Hut on its corner), Georgetown.

Luckily when I called in the were able to slot me in straight away for a very thorough eye test, more thorough in fact than I'd experienced when using highly recommended opticians in the UK.  Patrick did the testing himself and I have to say that he is a very personable and friendly guy, putting you at ease, allowing you to relax which is important for the testing.

Once the test was completed a number of options were discussed in terms of my long and short range vision needs with reading being the main issue.  At this point you become more involved with the rest of Patrick's staff who are also very friendly and helpful.  We discussed a variety of lens and frame options and, importantly, there was no attempted up-selling to detract from what I wanted.  As it is I opted for multi-coated, thin shaved lenses in an ultra-lightweight titanium BCBG Max Azria frame for a total cost of around RM 630 and a wait of only 4-5 days.  That to me is VERY good value and very good service!  Patrick also cleaned up and replaced the nose pads on my old glasses, advising I keep them for computer use.

If you look on Trip Advisor you will see that Vision First has a lot of positive reviews and it's easy to understand why.  Patrick and his staff are very professional, very friendly ands very welcoming and I found the service, and indeed the cost, second to none.  What is particularly worth mentioning is that Vision First are more than happy to provide a level of service particularly suited to visitors to the island in that they will even arrange to pick you up from your hotel (or wherever you are staying) and take you back, and even deliver the your order to you.  Come across that anywhere before?  Somehow I doubt it.  Vision First can be contacted on: +60 4 262 8132 / +60 4 263 8132 or can be emailed at:

So, there it is.  My experience with Patrick Ung, his staff and Vision First and what a pleasant one it was.  As it stands, I see no reason to go anywhere else in the future and Vision First gets a very well earned 'Top Pick'.

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