Sunday, 20 April 2014

Astro releases the 'HDMI Out' port for non-HD subscribers


For those not already aware the 'HDMI out' port has now been made available to all users whose Astro boxes have been upgraded to the latest Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), currently dated Jan 2014.

Previously, unless you subscribed to HD, the HDMI port on your Astro decoder was disabled, forcing you to use the combined analogue cable (with red, white and yellow connectors) either direct into your TV or an AV receiver and that is how the installer would have got you up and running.  Much as I would love to subscribe to HD our building is not currently rigged for it so I had to accept the analogue connection.  While there is no discernible difference between the analogue and HDMI connection for video, HDMI does allow a full 5.1 audio signal to be carried, IF it is being transmitted (very useful to those with home cinema set ups) versus the standard stereo signal only which is available through analogue.  I also find it tidier to have the one HDMI cable to connect , whether it be to a TV or AV receiver.

So, if you've been longing to connect your Astro decoder or PVR by HDMI, you should now find that you can.

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