Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Photo Printing and Framing: Georgetown, Penang

On a number of occasions recently I have had to have photographs printed and framed in Penang, in one case, at very short notice.  Having survived the first bout of panic when I needed to get those pictures framed at VERY short notice indeed (like.....hours!), I thought it might be useful to post the details of the places I used to avert crisis!

Printing of pictures of around the 6" x 4" size, smaller, or even slightly larger, can often be done with little difficulty at many of the print shops around Penang.  Start looking at A4 size and above however and the options to get them done, let alone get them done quickly (with many of the less well equipped print shops quoting 3-4 days turn-around), diminish rapidly.  So, starting with the printing.........

I needed to get two pictures printed at 16" x 11" 'there and then' & was lucky to find 'Merlin Colour Photo' at 444, Penang Road (almost opposite 'Click n Snap Photography' in the Komtar complex) who were able to oblige.  Their machines are of good quality and they are able to preview and size images prior to printing on either glossy or matte paper.  For instant printing the colour reproduction is reasonable and the cost of around RM 20 per print (at the size I needed) is pretty good.  Merlin can be contacted on +60 4 228 9715.

If I was in search of very high quality prints I would like speak to Cynthia Leong at Hike Enterprise (364 Penang Road - further up away from Komtar than Merlin) who use very high quality printers in KL and can normally turn images round in a few working days.  Worth it IMHO if image and colour quality are of the utmost importance.  In fact I have switched to using Hike for most of my photography needs now as their service and prices are very good (article to follow).  Hike can be contacted on +60 4 229 3710 / 228 3710.

As for framing, I'm indebted to my chum Stephen Sovie (who runs the very useful 'Retired in Malaysia' blog) for pointing me towards 'Pearl' framing which is situated at 168, Chulia Street, Georgetown.  They have very fast and efficient service with a wide range of frames to choose from which can be custom cut and glazed (standard or non-reflective) or not.  Many frames can be done the same day (mine were prepared in just a couple of hours) but obviously this is perhaps not the most desirable option, particularly if you have more than one or two pictures and / or where the frames are more ornate.  Costs are very reasonable indeed, I paid just RM 86 for two 16" x 11" frames and two A4 size frames, including the glazing!  Pearl can be contacted on: +60 12 421 6268.  They can also be contacted by email.

So there we have it, three good shops for the address book should you have a need for printing and / or framing, or indeed, in the case of 'Hike', for photographic equipment.


  1. I've also had high quality, large prints bigger than A4 done at Kodak Master Lab on Lorong Madras. It was recommended by a photographer who sells his work around town. I don't remember the price, though.

    1. Thanks for the comments. I'll add them to a reserve list and may well give them a try. Mostly I prefer to get them done in KL by way of a 2-3 day turn around if time permits, simply because the quality is so high.


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