Saturday, 29 September 2012

House / Apartment Purchase: LHDN number online

Without going in to all the whys and wherefores, anyone buying or selling a property in Malaysia will be required to take out an income tax (LHDN) number.  This is primarily as a safeguard to ensure that your tax details are registered so that any Capital Gains Tax due is paid buy sellers.

It is possible to take out an LHDN number by going to a LHDN office, which in Georgetown is on the corner of Beach Street and Light Street.  It is however very easy to do it online, either from home or from your lawyers office.

To apply online you go to the LHDN website and:

1) Click ezHASIL at the top

2) From the drop down menu select 'e-Daftar'

3) From that page select the top left tab 'Daftar Pembayar Cukai Individu'.

4) Complete the form (Google Translate can help with the form fields as it's all in BM but is easy).

5) Select Submit and it will provide an e-voucher with your application reference.

6) You then go back to the e-Daftar page and select 'Muat Naik Dokumen Syarikat' to mail (in our case, mostly) a scan of your passport and MM2H visa page.

You can also check back on the e-Daftar page and click 'Semak Status Syarikat' to check your application's status.  After a week or so your LHDN number will arrive by email.  Very straight forward and very easy.

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