Thursday, 2 February 2012

Penang Bridge 'Touch n Go' - Discounted Rate

Minor one this as the savings you generate are not tremendous by any means, more so if you use the bridge often, but it is possible to get 'Touch and Go' (TnG) cards for the bridge which will also work on many highway tolls. Standard charge for bridge crossing by cash or regular TnG is RM 7. However, if you stop and buy your TnG card from the kiosk by the bridge, provided you have a Pg address, every time you cross, there is a 20% discount given to your card so it only deducts RM 5.60.

The kiosk is accessed from a slip road as you approach the bridge coming into Penang. The slip is BEFORE the tolls and takes you past a Sony building. The kiosk is on the right about 500m down the slip road and you have to park in the car park and walk back towards the tolls. The card costs RM 110 which includes RM 100 of credit. It can then be topped up at most fuel stations. Highway charges are deducted at the normal rate. I use the bridge every week and find a card easier than fiddling for change at the bridge and highway. As I needed a card anyway it was just as easy to stop here on the way back in and pick it up. While the site says you need your iKad or letter from an employer they merely asked me what my address was, as soon as they knew it was Penang I got the discount card.

The site for Penang Bridge, toll charges and services (including TnG) is here. The more generic 'Touch and Go' site is here.

The cards can be topped up through a variety of channels including Touch and Go toll plazas and Petronas gas stations.  One of the simplest ways IMO however is by ATM.  At the time of writing both Maybank and CIMB offer this service at many of their ATMs.

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